Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Ūsked allows you to assign multiple interpreters and multiple services on a job.

Yes. You can create new recurring assignments as well as update existing recurring assignments with new information.

Ūsked generates a .CSV file that can be imported into Quickbooks Online or Desktop, using TransactionPro.

Yes. Interpreters can search posted jobs, see their current schedule, see all assignment related information, and submit assignments to be paid. 

Yes. The Ūsked app is available for both iOs and Android phones.

You can follow the link for ios or Android to download.

No. Ūsked is equip with every report you need to successfully processes payroll and billing invoices, but it does not send and receive payment.

Yes. There are timezone options for Users and requests. Using this information Ūsked is able to show any request to a User in their own timezone. What each user sees is the correct time for the timezone they have selected on their profile, no need to convert timezones.

Yes. Automatic confirmations, cancellations, and paperwork reminders. The communication templates are customizable as well as the ability to manually send any number of templates you create.

No, not directly. Through the Ūsked app, interpreters can notify you that job has gone over or it requires an adjustment.

There is no limit with in Ūsked!

Yes. As long as you have a connection to the internet, you can log-in.

Yes.  Please see this page for more information.

No, there is no limit to how many jobs you can create. Depending on your subscription you may incur additional charges. 

30-60 days until ūlaunch.

Yes. Our support center has a request new feature option.

Yes. Dedicated ūsked staff are available during business hours to respond to any and all help desk requests.